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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Reaching out to the political minority 

"In talks with Iraq's new Shiite leaders, [Condi Rice] urged a more convincing effort to reach out to the dispossessed Sunni Arab minority, warning that success in the war required a political strategy that encouraged at least some Sunni insurgent groups to turn toward peace." NYT, courtesy of Truthout.org

So the Senate isn't at war, but the majority is insisting on circumventing the rules to achieve its will. Condi Rice at least recognizes the need to include the minority to make democracy meaningful. Bush and the GOP in the Senate are trying to ram through the confirmation process a handful of judicial nominees so offensive to the minority party that its members are willing to filibuster. Reasonable people would withdraw the names in favor of other more acceptable candidates.

That does not mean that the opposition party needs to approve of the nominee. Rather, it means that the nominee may not get a unanimous vote, but he or she would not be subject to a filibuster. There have been plenty of judges like that appointed to the federal bench during Bush's presidency.

Fault for the current fight rests squarely at the feet of President Bush and the rest of the GOP leadership in Congress. They really ought to take note of Condi's admonition to the Shiites in Iraq. Maybe then the Senate could move on to other business more pressing for the American people.

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