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Friday, January 21, 2005

Another Bush Lie 

Yesterday was a sad day for me and others who believe George W. Bush is a disaster for our country and the world. I avoided reading or watching any of the inaugural festivities for that reason. I was also sickened by the money being poured into Washington to celebrate Bush's electoral victory and the beginning of his second term.

But what made me really mad was when I heard, and then read, the following from his speech:

"From the day of our founding, we have proclaimed that every man and woman on this earth has rights, and dignity, and matchless value, because they bear the image of the maker of heaven and earth."

That's simply not true. It has never been true. It will never be true.

This country was founded on the notion that all MEN, well, all WHITE MEN, had rights and dignity. When this country was founded, women and all black people were not entitled to anything other than what the white men in power (ie, white landowning men) decided to give them.

Women could not own property. Women became their husbands' property upon marriage. Women could not participate in the political process or vote in federal elections. If a woman divorced, she would lose custody of her children. For many years, women were not allowed to testify at trials because they were considered prone to hysteria and incompetent to tell the truth. Women were delicate objects needing the protection of men.

We all know how black people were treated when this country was founded in the late 1700s. Slaves were not entitled to dignity unless their owner decided to treat them that way. Rights for slaves? Not sure there were any.

Why does this particular lie matter so much?

Because it is revisionist history.

The lie diminishes the suffering of those who lacked legal rights and dignity for well over a hundred years after our federal constitution was adopted. It ignores the sacrifices of those who worked for women's suffrage and civil rights for all Americans regardless of race.

This inaugural lie is yet another example of complete disregard for the truth and refusal to acknowledge past mistakes. If Bush feels so comfortable lying about history that easily proves him wrong, then we really are in for another awful four years.

Brace yourselves.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Democracy In Action, Fueled By the Internet 

Oh this is great. The DeLay rule was reversed, remember the one that exempts him from losing his post as majority leader if he is indicted (something that may be forthcoming). Why? Did members of Congress just have a change of heart? No, citizens, fueled by bloggers and communication by advocacy groups on the internet, inundated their representatives and that caused the pullback. Beautiful!

Yahoo!: Gonzales Promises Non-Torture Policy 

Here's the story.

Here's my reaction: What the $$%*!? That just shows what a sleaze bag that Gonzales is. Why would anyone trust that guy? I look forward to reading his testimony for myself, and watching the hearings to the extent that I can. Thank goodness for C-Span.

I know that we'll likely end up with poor-excuse-for-a-lawyer Gonzales as US Attorney General. And it just pains me.

Hey Bush Voters - Does Weakening the Army Reserve Make You Feel Safer? 

Check this out.

Extra! Tsunami Proves Non-Existence of God 

People of faith might be offended by this post. If that might be the case for you, don't read on.

To me, the tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people since the day after Christmas is proof that God does not exist. In this instance, I mean the God many believe created the world and those who inhabit it. You know, the omnipotent God that will decide your ultimate fate on Judgement Day.

How could any loving omnipotent creator permit the horror we've seen day after day from the comfort of our cozy New England homes?

I simply do not understand how people can believe in such a being and, even worse, how they can pray, saying God loves and forgives. Please! It's like praising one's abuser. I just don't get it.

Perhaps there is some subtled or nuanced theology that could make sense of all this. But the logic has to be twisted to equate love and mercy with acts that cause such overwhelming human devastation. The thousands left behind will live with the terror of watching their loved ones get sucked away by the sea. Children have no parents. Parents have lost all of their children.

I'm sure many will blame the tragedy on a God who is angry. The God responsible is a God who expects his creations to act in specified ways, and if they don't, he punishes them and any innocent bystander.

Well that is just ridiculous. Why can't we explain what happened as a freak of nature that thousands were unprepared for? The calls for implementing some form of warning system along the affected shorelines make sense to me. Expending energy trying to convince people to act in "unsinful" ways to avoid natural disasters is silly.

Now, I'm not saying that I've heard such things about this disaster. But other natural disasters --- epidemics like AIDS for example --- have been blamed by some religious leaders as the direct result of "sinful" human behavior. I'm just trying to make my point that I am convinced more than ever before, that no God exists because no God with the power to make miracles would have let that tsunami hit and destroy so many lives.

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