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Friday, December 31, 2004

Trial Lawyers Aren't All Ambulance Chasers 

I thought this brief piece on the attorney who argued for the Gitmo detainees was of interest and worthy of passing along. Gibbons, the attorney and former federal judge, notes the virtual unanimity among legal professionals that the Bush's post 9-11 detention policies are illegal.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Confessions of a Silent Blogger 

I've had a couple of people I know ask me if I would blog again. The answer is yes. But it's been hard to get back to this.

I decided to take the advice of my very wise husband, and take a break from blogging and keeping up with the news. The state of the world and of this country became overwhelming for me. I had to take a break.

It's like we've been living in a wonderland, a world where facts have now become a matter of opinion. Thankfully, my job involves applying the rule of law day in and day out and helps keep me grounded. I have tried to focus on that and my home life rather than continue to mumble under my breath, rant, rave, and dream about the latest horror Bush and his minions have visited upon us and the world.

My spirit is back, and I'm just about ready to get back to posting my thoughts about current events here.

Cheers for the holidays. And thanks for reading.

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