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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Ok, it's over. It was actually far better than I expected. Jim Lehrer did a very good job as moderator I thought. They relaxed the rules a few times, but it remained civil.

There was a lot more substance discussed than I thought there'd be, although President Late Bloomer repeated the same sound bites over and over.

Kerry looked much more experienced and well informed about details of world events.

One thing I noticed about the CSPAN coverage was the position of the images on screen. It was a screen split down the middle with Kerry on the left and Bush on the right. You could tell that they positioned the candidates so their heads were equal height because if they lined up the podiums instead Kerry would look much taller than Bush. CSPA put a graphic that overlapped the part of the screen where you could see both podiums to partially hide the camera trick. I'm sure it was all part of the rules.

Phew, this thing is almost over. Now they're gonna give their closing statements. Kerry did get in a good pot shot right before.

The spin will begin, if it hasn't already, in just a few minutes. Should be an interesting couple of days. . . .

Guess what we'll be seeing all over the conservative media network. Yup, Kerry's statement that preemptive military action must first pass the "global test." Oh are Drudge, Rush, Sean, Bill et al gonna have fun with that one.

Now this folksy stuff Bush does some people love ("when I met so-and-so, whose son died in Iraq . . .."), but it just makes me gross out. Seriously, that's the best way I can describe it.


Now Kerry just made me laugh. He said Pres. LB's plan for Iraq was four words:

More Of The Same. lolololol!!!!!

Is it me or is Bush turning red while Kerry rips him for being dishonest and misleading?

PresidentLate Bloomer says you can't send mixed signals to the troops. Uh, McFly . . . isn't your moving target of a rationale for invading Iraq qualify as a mixed message?

John Kerry made a big mistake I think. At least I think it is a mistake. He purposely used all of his time! "Oh, I see I have a little more time . . blah blah." Geezum crowe, John, know when enough is enough! You are doing a pretty good job I think. Show people you don't want to talk just for the sake of talking or they might stop listening.

Ok, now Bush says that Saddam was refusing to disarm so we had to go do it and now we're safe. Yeah, well, where'd you put the weapons you took from him President Late Bloomer?

Bush got prayer and 9/11 in the first 15 seconds of his first answer!

Here we go . . .  

The debates have begun . . .

and so has the posturing.

Pre-Debate Musings 

You know, it's just too bad that elections these days are so much more about image and not about substance and construcive discussion. I've skimmed through the debate rules just to see if how they've been characterized is accurate. Sorry to say that it's true. Doesn't seem like the Presidential Debates are debates at all.

We'll see if I can stand to watch the entire 90 minutes. I'm gonna try. As I do, I've decided to stay logged on. My husband's got a Pitt game to watch, and I'd rather vent silently than disturb his fun watching the game.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

How Do We Know When We've Won? 

I got an email today from someone who said that we have been in WWIV for the last 20 years and we can't afford to lose. It is a moral question he wrote.

I scratched my head. We've been at war since I was 22?

Who, exactly, are we fighting, how do we know when we've won, and what moral principle is at stake?

I am completely in the dark.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

David Corn: John McCain the October Suprise? 

You ought to read this one. As Monty Burns would say while ringing his hands, "Eeeeexcellent."

Will John McCain be the October Surprise?

Monday, September 20, 2004

Classic guerrilla war forming in Iraq | csmonitor.com 

The this article from the Chrisitan Science Monitor discusses (briefly) the US's experience fighting guerilla wars. According to one Army War College professor, US forces will likely have to be in Iraq for 10 years based on past experience. That's really best case scenario as far as I can tell from the article.

It's worth a read.

Gotta say, it's times like these that I'm glad I chose not to have children.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Take a little while to listen to this interview of Christopher Dickey, Newsweek's Paris Bureau Chief and Middle East Regional Editor. Dickey just published a novel based on his experience working in the Middle East for the U.S. government. His take on the Iraq war and the so-called war on terrorism is very interesting.

He disagrees that Saddam Hussein had no ties to Al Qaeda, and he reads from notes made while he was in Iraq and around the Middle East about those ties. Dickey disagrees, however, that the Bush administration's approach to whatever threat Iraq actually posed was the wrong one.

One of the most interesting and compelling things he said was that Iraq is the most dangerous place that he's ever worked. He claims that his journalist colleagues have said the same. The biggest problem is kidnapping. Not the political type we hear about on the news, but every day people -- even children --- being kidnapped by crooks.

So go listen to Dickey talk with Terry Gross. I think you'll find it educational.

Hamdi Likely To Be Set Free 

Remeber Yaser Esam Hamdi, the so-called enemy combatant held without charges and incommunicado for more than two years? It looks like the government may agree to release him from confinement if he gives up his U.S. citizenship and returns to his family in Saudi Arabia.

Thankfully for all U.S. citizens, Hamdi's constitutional rights were ultimately vindicated by the Supreme Court's decision this summer. Was this country safer because Hamdi was locked up at government expense? I doubt it.

We'll likely never know for sure whether Hamdi was a threat to the United States. But the Bush administration's decision to release Hamdi to Saudi Arabia certainly suggests that he was not a real threat to us.

Hamdi might be a mean, terrible person who hates the United States. He may even have been an enemy combatant. Whatever he was, Hamdi's story should be a lesson to all Americans, mean or nice, hateful or full of love, innocent or guitly.

The lesson? That even in a system with a functioning judiciary, when the executive claims unreivewable power you are at risk of seizure and detention --- and that detention can last a very, very long time.

Let's hope that this country does not elect** Bush as President in November. We cannot afford to see what he might do in his second term when reelection doesn't matter anymore.

**(Note I did not write "re-elect." I believe the GOP stole the 2000 election through manipulating the voter rolls in Florida in combination with Katherine Harris's decision to certify the election before the recount was completed.)

Friday, September 10, 2004

Bush's Pattern of Lies 

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: The Dishonesty Thing

Paul Krugman says what I've been ranting about to anyone who will listen to me the last few days. Bush's National Guard record is relevant to this election only because he lied about it.

It was apparent to me and many others who followed the 2000 election that Bush did not fulfill his commitment to the Guard in the early '70s. There simply were not enough records (or witnesses) to corroborate what Bush claimed about his time in the Guard, both in Texas and Alabama.

The lie about Bush's service follows a pattern, and that is the point of Krugman's op ed piece (linked above). He focuses on budget matters in light of his expertise in economics.

It's a good read, enjoy.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Text of President Carter's letter to Zell Miller 

A must read if you haven't seen it:

Talking Points Memo: Carter to Miller

Monday, September 06, 2004

Go Susan! 

Lies move Democrats to dig up dirt

A Susan Estrich rant -- good stuff.

This Is Freedom? 

Yahoo! News - Pied-piper police guard Bush from protests

Friday, September 03, 2004

This Is Great! A Waxman Constituent Charges Bush & RNC WIth Crime 

J' accuse! The RNC and Pres. Bush violated Title 18, Section 713 of the US Code - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

I had to post this link because I'm just jealous I didn't think of this first.

According to this letter to Congressman Henry Waxman from one of his constituents, section 718 of Title 18 of the US Code makes criminal the use of the Presidential seal (and other official government seals) that would reasonably convey the false impression of official approval or sponsorship by the US government. The Dems will get nowhere if they make an issue out of this, however. I mean, if folks can't get riled up about exposing the name of an undercover CIA operative with expertise in weapons of mass destruction, then using the Presidential seal at the convention sure isn't gonna get anyone's blood boiling -- except those of us who care about both because we care about the rule of law.

Be Very Afraid 

KRT Wire | 09/02/2004 | Alleged Pentagon leaks may be connected to Iran policy

There are so many things I want to sayabout the implications of the information in this story, but everything I try to write just makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist. So I won't say anything at all, and we'll see where this story goes (my best guess is nowhere before the November election)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bob Barr on Findlaw: The FBI's Pre-Emptive Interrogations Of "Possible" Demonstrators 

The link below takes you to a commentary by Bob Barr, who has been critical of the Bush administration notwithstanding his (Barr's) conservative credentials.
FindLaw's Writ - Barr: The FBI's Pre-Emptive Interrogations Of "Possible" Demonstrators

Four more years of the Bush administration's intentional suppression of dissent is just, well, frightening. We now have the FBI visiting the homes and offices of potential protestors, people seeking to attend Bush/Cheney '04 events having to sign loyalty pledges as a condition of entry, Presidential press conferences that are almost completely scripted, and "free speech" zones that are located so the President and the public cannot see or hear the dissenters.

This is the America being cheered by Republicans at their convention in NYC. Only people in denial do not fear Bush and the people he hires and associates with.

War Crimes and Imperial Fantasies, Noam Chomsky 

Noam Chomsky, my husband's favorite political writer, does not get the attention he deserves by the mainstream press (networks, major cable outfits, major national newspapers). It is unfortunate because his views could add a great deal to the public debate about current events. Here's an excerpt of an interview with him by David Barsamian reprinted on commondreams.org:

War Crimes and Imperial Fantasies

Lobe of InterPress Service Reports: Spy Probe Scans Neo-Con Israel Ties 

Spy Probe Scans Neo-Con Israel Ties

Hmmm, who will the administration or its cronies pick for a personal attack to divert attention from this story?

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